Weave Of All Weaves

March 24, 2015

Queen Weave - New York Silly

Queen Weave. Photo credit: michael80kelley

LOWER EAST SIDE (PIX11) – It was the tiny gun shop that surfaced on the Lower East Side last week geared toward helping first time gun owners. Continue Reading…

New York Silly Podcast-posting 2

Don’t forget to listen to our first New York Silly #podcast of 2015! With #comedians Mike (@funnyhernandez) and Joey (@YourFriendJoeyG) taking on current events, conspiracy theories and other shenanigans. Let us know what you think! LINK: http://buff.ly/1MlcHMU

New York Silly - Cat Politicians

Senator Tummies Avella (NY-D) Zoning and Yarn Subcommittee Wrote legislation banning babies and machetes

NEW YORK CITY — For this painter, local politicians are the purrfect subject for a new art series. Continue Reading…

Ellis Henican takes you on a guided tour of the NYC subway in 1990 – ghost stations, subway bathrooms, the ejector room and more.

Real Nutty Professor

February 18, 2015
Columbia conflict-mediation professor busted for punching boyfriend

People walk past the Alma Mater statue on the Columbia University campus.

A nutty professor who teaches city cops and firefighters how to cool down heated situations assaulted her ex-cop boyfriend because he allegedly cheated on her, police sources said. Continue Reading…

CHELSEA — Think you’ve seen some bad performances during your subway commutes?

“The worst NYC subway act I’ve seen,” a YouTube video posted on January 31 by Jon Brooks and shot at the 14th Street-6th Avenue subway station, is claiming to have you beat.

In the clip, two subway performers wearing military fatigues are seen performing an interpretive dance that involves a bunch of bizarre homemade props, some gyrating dance moves, walking handstands and epic background music.

The climax comes as the male performer grabs what looks like a pair of stuffed stockings and starts whacking them against the wall in a frenzy.

YouTube and Reddit commenters offered plenty of thoughts about the performance.

“This is truly the culture of the street,” Krankor wrote on Reddit.

Another Reddit user, Stop_That_Train, simply asked: “Portlandia?”

YouTube user afaultytoaster offered a more insightful interpretation, claiming that the performance represents the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

“The Palestinian farmer begins picking the ancient olive trees of his forefathers before the Israeli soldier lady arrives and forces him to stop with her maneuvers,” the user wrote. “The Palestinian begins to fight back but the Israeli arrests him.”

Brooks, who posted the video, did not respond to a request for comment.

Source: DNAinfo.com   –   By Gwynne Hogan


Keanu Reeves Stays Classy

February 18, 2015

Essentially, this clip is a home movie by an actor/musician named Eddy Rollin. Here we see Eddy and a couple of his friends out for an evening downtown at some point in the early 1990s.

Continue Reading…

William Busto…BUSTED!

February 11, 2015

Wilmer Busto, 33, put his hand down his pants and “manipulated” himself near Queensboro Plaza, police said.

QUEENS — A man was arrested Tuesday nearly three weeks after he was caught grinning with his hand down his pants aboard an R train near Queensboro Plaza, police said. Continue Reading…